With Paris Fashion Week officially wrapped up, it’s time to take in all the fire ‘fits that graced the Parisian streets.

One unexpected collaboration that may have caught onlookers by surprise was a partnership between Gap and self-taught streetwear designer Everard Best, aka Ev Bravado, who was given carte blanche to reinterpret a limited number of the brand’s iconic grey pullover hoodies as part of an ongoing celebration of Gap's 50th anniversary.

Given his penchant for meticulously distressed denim and tie-dye garments, Ev worked his magic on five hoodies, giving each a distinctly psychedelic tie-dye profile. But that’s not even the coolest part—the custom lettering is actually a looping embroidered script that reads “MRDRBRVDO.”

Check out the customized Gap x Ev Bravado hoodies below and see what the inspirations were behind each piece. If you're feeling a bit inspired to work on your own DIY piece, make sure you peep our step-by-step tie-dye guide to see how it's done.

Jian DeLeon

"I grew up in the ‘90s so Gap has always been a brand that’s been around me and that I’ve been aware of, so it’s really cool to see them give Ev Bravado the freedom to reinterpret one of their most classic items.

As someone who’s very proud of my heritage I did “A-Z-N” as my three letters, and May was just APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) so what better way to represent than wear this at Paris Fashion Week." —Jian DeLeon

Kitty Cash

"Growing up, the Gap meant classic, fun, and fresh classic American brand that was accessible to everyone . Today Gap symbolizes a cornerstone of diversity in the industry and proving that quality does not come at an insane price.

When I was asked to personalize my hoodie it was so nostalgic it just seemed like the perfect fit! It’s the symbolic form of my childhood nickname “Cash.”

[I] love that the Gap collaborated with New York’s own Ev Bravado. He’s young, fresh and represents a pocket of NY’s culture. It’s a way to reinvent and reinterpret the brand without losing the nostalgic feel." —Kitty Cash

Abdulaye Niang

"Gap is a staple to our American culture as kids. I remember wearing nothing but the classic three letter word all throughout elementary and middle school, and it always just stuck with me. My mom had me stylin’.

I chose ‘K-C-U’ because it represents my brand Kill Complacency and its message to keep moving forward. I really love the thermal feel on the sleeve and the overall weight of it. It’s built to last like a classic Gap sweater, but with an artistic spill of emotion all over it." —Abdulaye Niang

Noah Thomas

"Gap's always been in my closet at all stages of my life. It’s dope that now I’m in fashion and I can wear Gap to Paris Fashion Week, it’s kind of full circle. I also am so into tie-dye and it’s one of the hottest prints out right now so it’s extremely on-brand.

The reason I picked “BOY” is because I’m a dude. Honestly, that’s really it and I thought it’d be sick, and it looks sick. That’s why I did it." —Noah Thomas

Alexander Roth

"Since I was a kid Gap was the go-to brand in my family for all the basics and beginning-of-the-season essentials.

I chose the word “CAP,” I wanted it to be something funny yet relevant—something someone from New York would look at and instantly understand. The dye palette and technique is my favorite part, Ev knows what he’s doing." —Alexander Roth

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