GCDS and Bratz, the doll brand that played a defining role in shaping Y2K fashion, are launching a collaboration tailor-made for Millennial nostalgia.

The Italian streetwear label and MGA Entertainment-owned toy line dressed two of Bratz's hero dolls — Sasha and Yasmin — in pieces from GCDS' Fall/Winter 2021 collection, a range that isn't too far off from the dolls' signature aesthetic.

When Bratz were introduced back in 2001, they were quickly embraced as aspirational style icons, dressed in more fashion-forward and provocative 'fits than Barbie. While Barbie dressed for the Oscars, Bratz were ready to hit the VMAs.

Since their launch, the dolls have morphed into a symbol of the early aughts and its distinct aesthetic. Naturally, as the needle swings back towards Y2K trends, Bratz have re-entered the cultural zeitgeist.

In fact, many of this year's must-have fashion items recall clothing I first encountered on my beloved Bratz. Versace's super-chunky platform heels look straight off the dolls' removable feet. And bottoms à la Miu Miu's micro-mini skirts were a staple of the Bratz wardrobe.

On TikTok, the hashtag #BratzChallenge (boasting an impressive 181 million views) sees users channel their favorite dolls. And on resale sites such as Depop, chunky, square-toed heels referred to as "Bratz shoes" are a dime a dozen.

With GCDS x Bratz, the dolls are given a contemporary makeover that stays true to their roots in Y2K culture. Dressed in crystal-embellished tops, pony hair mules, and logo chokers, Sasha and Yasmin look right at home amid fashion's penchant for all things early '00s.

The collab isn't child's play, though — launching on December 1 at GCDS' website, the dolls will also release at a series of pop-ups in Milan, Rome, and London featuring fiberglass art installations by artist Colin Christian.

A grown-up take on childhood nostalgia? In the words of Paris Hilton, "loves it!"

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