In the fast-paced world of Formula One, few names resonate with the exceptional skill and rising stardom like George Russell. We caught up with Russell in Montreal, just hours before he drove a commanding performance at the Canadian Grand Prix, where he secured pole position for Mercedes. Although his prowess on the track is undeniable, the British racer has recently ventured into the realm of high fashion through a prestigious collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, who, alongside Harlem's Fashion Row, has also announced Clarence Ruth as the winner of the New Legacy Challenge. This partnership seamlessly blends the elegance of high fashion with the adrenaline of motorsport. While we had time in the pitstop, Russell gave us insights into his personal style, his views on the conflux of sport and fashion, and what he’s excited for as the lines between fan and athlete blur.

How do you describe your personal style? Is there a relationship between how you're dressing off the track and on the track, or are they two separate worlds? 

I'd say my style is more of a modern feel. I try to be a bit more elevated, timeless is a look I really go for—that sort of authentic British look.

The clothes I wear in my personal life are very much in line with what I'm wearing to the race circuits. I'm always wearing Tommy when I arrive at the racetrack, and before I'm changing into my team kit. That's the bridge from my personal life to gearing up for a race weekend.

Which parts of the collection do you resonate with most? How does the cutting edge ethos of the collection relate to everything you do with Mercedes and Formula One™?

I've really enjoyed seeing the collection. We did the shoot with Clarence Ruth earlier this year, and I’ll be rocking a number of his things in Barcelona. It’s pushing the boundaries in a number of ways, not only stylistically, but also down to the consumer experience. Clarence and my team have placed interactive QR codes and some of other pieces to enable people to learn about more details about the collection. It's something special to interact with fans who love Mercedes and Tommy and are excited about this new release.

So you’re excited to be wearing the collection when you're in Barcelona?

Absolutely! Fashion is something I’ve been leaning into more over the years, especially since partnering with Tommy, being with the team, and also learning more about myself and my style. Plus learning about not being scared to step outside of my comfort zone.

The collection is a bit outside of my usual comfort zone, and I'm excited to try that out. It's something that even a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t ordinarily put on, because I've generally been quite conservative with how I dressed in the past. But now I'm excited to rock it. I honestly felt great when I was wearing it during the shoot.

The collection really blurs the lines between fashion and Motorsport. How would you assess that blurring of lines between tactical and athletic gear with off-the-track fashion?

The crossover between Motorsport and fashion is really coming to the forefront right now, not only Motorsport, but in all sports. Within the collection, there's a number of different aspects that we are bringing forward. This creative process is so exciting, and I can’t wait to see how it's going to look and how people will react.

What’s your assessment of the fashion sensibilities among Formula One™ racers? Who of your pee​​rs would you say is best dressed? 

I think it's great how drivers have stepped into the fashion industry to showcase their own style. Historically, Formula One™ drivers have dressed quite conservative, but now people are stepping outside of their comfort zones.

While there's no one specific in my sport whom I look up to from a fashion perspective, I do admire what Lewis is doing. He looks great in what he's wearing, and it really suits his style. However, I think we all have our own unique style, and in that regard I also look up to David Beckham in the way he dresses and presents himself. Roger Federer as well—he always comes across super classy and timeless. 

A lot of fashion brands are increasingly intertwining themselves with motorsport teams and events. As these collaborations become more common, how do you see them shaping the future relationship between fashion and motorsports, or sports overall? Additionally, do you think this trend impacts the relationship between racers and fans, allowing fans to wear similar apparel and share a common touchpoint in fashion?

Absolutely—right now is perhaps one of the most exciting times ever to be an F1 fan and fashion is a huge reason for that. It's far more creative than it's ever been, and teams are honing in on that. They want to give the fans something more than there has ever been in the past. 

It's amazing to be part of this era in the sport. Formula One™ is pushing the boundaries, and so is Mercedes. From technical innovations to sustainability, to fan interaction, fan wear, merchandise, collaborations we’re doing with brands like Tommy Hilfiger. It’s really an exciting time for Formula One™, and I only see it growing in the years to come.

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