The holiday season brings good cheer and all that jazz, but we're here for the dizzying array of hilarious holiday goodies that crop up each year. In the past month we have seen an amazing Santa-fied version of Beyoncé's Lemonade merch, "kneeling Santa" sweaters from Nas, and a "dabbing Santa" sweater from 2 Chainz. Now the latest contender in the ugly Christmas sweater game is Ghostface Killah, and prepare yourself — because his is a true stunner.

Killah's ugly Christmas sweater is highlighted first and foremost by his trademark hockey mask, which is topped with a Santa hat. This is made even better by rows of the Wu-Tang Clan's 'W' logo lovingly stitched beneath it. They only come in a limited run of 1,000, so be prepared to fight some die-hard Wu-Tang fans if you're trying to get one.

Ghostfase Killah's Christmas sweater is selling for $89.99. Visit Killah's online store to place your order.

In other music news, Nicki Minaj has shared a fantastic new single titled "Ain't Gone Do It." Listen to it right here.

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