Imagine a razor that actually looks good on your bathroom counter. No, like really good. Behold, Gillette's Heated Razor from GilletteLabs, a tool from the masters of shaving that not only looks good but feels good, as well. Thanks to its innovative warming bar, the razor heats your skin with the simple push of a button. Imagine a hot towel shave, without any of the laundry. Now that’s more like it.

The whole affair is designed to make the shaving experience a breeze, and a stylish one at that. That’s why we asked a few folks to showcase the razor in the natural settings of their apartments, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Keep scrolling to see how the Gillette Heated Razor takes to these super slick interiors.


Romeo set up his Gillette razor amongst a cadre of well-designed items. The tool looks right at home against the stone and glass background — its neutral tones blend in just perfectly. He points out that the razor looks like it came straight “out of a Tony Stark factory.” He’s not wrong…

Simon NNdjock

Simon NNdjock arranges the razor next to perfume bottles, as well as next to some of his jewelry. The razor manages to feel both hard and soft: it looks slick next to the silver hardware, yet feels just as cozy against a wooden backdrop. As NNdjock mentions, “choosing the right tool for my skin is essential.”

James Acai

Set against the simple objects on James Acai’s bathroom counter, the design of the razor really jumps out. The charging dock is quite minimal and prevents the space from cluttering, while the sleek lines of the handle complement the shapes of his other possessions.

Jean-Philippe Phiné N'DJOLI

Even set against a more potent color, here a deep red, the razor still manages to stand out. Jean-Philipe Phiné N'DJOLI even proves that the tool is the perfect accompaniment to the classic mirror selfie because messy bathroom snaps are never a good move.

Sam Stewart

Sam Stewart shot the Heated Razor in heavy close-up. Seen from this angle it's easy to forget that it belongs in the bathroom. Sitting on the shelf, it takes on an almost sculptural quality and proves that you don't have to hide your razor as soon as company comes over.

Sam Battista

Shot up-close, Gillette’s Heated Razor lets the design do the talking. The premium zinc handle feels modern, but not robotic, and the circle at the razor’s base lends the appliance a Zen-like quality.

To learn more, head here if you’re in the US and here if you’re in the EU and the UK.

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