GmbH showed its SS20 collection yesterday during the tail-end of Paris Fashion Week Men's. The event happened to fall on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and a time when ancient cultures would reconnect with a greater power. GmbH tapped into this sense of healing and bountifulness with a recurring evil eye motif, animal prints, and protective straps found on the waists and shoulders of the garments.

The Berlin-based label, led by designers Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik, has been an industry favourite since it broke onto the scene with its FW17 collection. Now, GmbH is more widely known for its beguiling aesthetic (i.e. the semi-transparent shirting), diverse casting, and most recently, a new collaboration with ASICS which debuted at the FW19 show. With electrifying colors, feral prints, and subtle updates to its signature pieces, the SS20 collection – titled 20 20 Vision –  includes some of the label's most covetable offerings to date.

One of the strongest looks exemplified how GmbH interprets classic, uncomplicated outfits and turns them into show-stoppers that could live in your wardrobe for a lifetime. For SS20, a pair of denim jeans and white tank top (a classic menswear staple) was elevated with a double-zip opening (inspired by German workwear), a criss-cross modification over the crotch, a double-strap detail on the back of the tank, and an evil eye motif on the front.

The color scheme of the evil eye was replicated in a grander sense for the rest of the collection with hot pink, coffee, and dusty rose hues also dropped in throughout, and new pair of clean white GmbH X ASICS seen on foot. As a environmentally conscious label, GmbH sourced various sustainable materials for SS20 including vegan leather from apple waste, wadding from plastic bottles, and recycled polyamide from ocean waste.

There was also some references to the style bangers from previous collections, such as the vinyl double-zip pants, this time rendered in a dark olive green, and a throwback to a previous collaboration with jewellery designer Alan Crocetti, who created the golden eye accessories for SS20.

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