Google looks to have an internet-connected game controller in the works. Yanko Design came across a patent application, submitted by Google, that outlines a potential design for a controller that would be independent of any one host device.

Back in February, the tech giant released invitations to a Google-sponsored event at the Game Developers Conference, fueling rumors it was building its own gaming console and game-streaming service. This patent suggests there was at least something in those rumors.

Speculation suggests games would be streamed to users directly via a cloud-based system, a so-called "Netflix for games." The patent is for a notification system that tells players when a game is available to play, notifies them of changes to game leaderboards, and when invitations and chat requests have been received.

In theory, the cloud gaming tech would allow players to pick up where they left off on other devices. Engadget predicts that “rather than sell a whole console, [the system] would just need a cloud-aware gamepad that can talk to the devices you already have.”

That said, it's worth pointing out that the original patent was filed in 2014, and the image above is unlikely to be representative of the finished product.

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