Japanese company Groove X has revealed an in-home robot called "Lovot", just in time for the lonely holiday period — next year.

As the name suggests, Lovot is designed to love (not like that) and aims to encourage "skinship" between user and device. If that didn't sounds terrifying enough, Lovot also includes sensors and a camera on top of its head that allows the cuddly robot to recognize sounds and record its surroundings. Additionally, Lovot's eyes have six layers of projections to create that extra authentic — and disturbing — impression of depth.

Kaname Hayashi, the creator and a former developer of the humanoid robot, Pepper, admits, “the robot won’t do any of your work;" in fact, “he might just get in the way.” Unlike Hayashi's previous robot, Lovot bears little resemblance to a human and looks instead like a furry toy, somewhere between a Furby and a Teletubby.

Pre-orders for the $3,000 Lovot began on December 18, and it's expected to ship in Fall 2019.

Do you have room for a Lovot in your home, or does it just seem like a creepy, less-useful Roomba? Let us know in the comments below.

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