Less than a week after it was reported that Lil Pump voided a potentially unfavorable Warner Bros. Records contract because he was a minor when he signed, someone else seems to be in the running to sign him. If his Instagram comment is anything to go by, Gucci Mane is very interested in signing Lil Pump.

After the “Gucci Gang” rapper commented "Fuck it ima sign Lil pump to lil pump," Gucci Mane earnestly replied, "1017 you name the price.” For now, Lil Pump has yet to publicly respond, but keep in mind he originally received a $345,000 advance for his first record deal. Check out Pump's original Instagram post and Mane's comment below.

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Although Lil Pump’s rapping style might seem light years away from Mane’s, the Atlanta rapper and 1017 label boss still appreciates younger rappers in his hometown and beyond, as he described in a 2016 interview with XXL:

“I’m forcing myself to see what’s going on now. I be like, They’re creative. They’re smart. They’re marketing themselves. They some little geniuses. That’s how I’m thinking now, so when I see them, 'Hey, I like what you got going on' and I’m not being fake about it even if I’m not the biggest fan of their music or whatever.”

Revisit “Gucci Gang” below.

For more on Lil Pump, read about the Florida rapper's relationship to his Latino identity right here. In other music news, hear Quavo's version of the national anthem that he dropped on MLK day right here.

  • Cover Image:Tim Warner (Stringer / Getty Images) / Instagram / @lilpump

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