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Gucci has just opened its new headquarters in Milan, designed by architects Piurach. Taking over the former Caproni aircraft factory, the 30,000 square-meter complex will be comprised of offices, showrooms, a runway, and restaurant.

Utilizing the complex’s abandoned warehouses, open floor plans, and hangar, the new build features an additional six-story glass tower, shed-style roofing, an outdoor plaza, and tree-lined gardens. According to Piuarch, the new building “breaks down the site’s symmetry and generates a powerful chromatic relationship with the red-colored exposed bricks of the low-level warehouses.”

With a focus on sustainability, the new build will aim use renewable energy sources on sight, reportedly saving Gucci 25 percent on its current energy costs. Currently, Gucci is hosting its dragon-filled FW18 show at the new hub.

For more information and additional images visit Piuarch’s website.

In other news, this short film explores the solitary life of skating in Paris.

Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.

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