Thanks to GQ On The Rocks, we just got an extensive look at Gunna's impressive jewelry collection, as well as an explanation of the meaning of "drip."

The video opens with Gunna explaining, "Drip is like your attire, like what you’re wearing. But it can be like something you do, like how you do it, you can drip on a beat, you know what I’m saying, it’s just like a wave."

The 25-year-old is a fan of watches, diamonds, and customized imagery, most of which includes snakes. He explains that his first Rolex was a gift from Young Thug, and ever since then he's been into buying "all different types" of high-end timepieces, "not just Rolexes." The most expensive one is a Richard Mille piece for $125,000, which he actually has a song about.

A two-finger diamond snake ring, a trio of chains saying "Drip or Drown," and a triple cross chain ("What's better than two? Three.") are the most unique pieces. The rapper finishes the video by promising that he has a new ring in store, saying "I don't wanna give it away. It's hard though."

The values mentioned by Gunna add up to over $500,000, and that's not even including everything he brought along.

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