hall of flowers video cannabis

We recently had the opportunity to attend Hall of Flowers, a cannabis trade show held in Santa Rosa, California that serves as a meeting place for weed companies and those looking to try their products. With marijuana becoming legalized in more and more states across the country, the demand for inviting cannabis products continues to skyrocket, which is why events such as Hall of Flowers are so important.

While at the conference, we made it a point to search out the lesser-known, newer brands that caught our eye, while also peeping the latest from the OGs such as Lowell, SHERBINSKIS, and Cookies. When it comes to cannabis, most of these companies have good flower, but due to legalization and the transition to becoming full-fledged lifestyle brands, packaging is key. In essence, it’s just as much about how it looks as how it smokes.

Hall of Flowers had a bit of everything to offer the cannabis consumer, from a robot that cuts and packs weed, to a heptagonal vaporizer, sublingual strips, and a sustainable cannabis brand. For a look at what we were particularly drawn to at the cannabis trade show, simply press play above.

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