hathenbruck hiking shoes



Key Features: The sneakers combine elements from early 2000s skate shoes with the technical features needed for a pair of hikers. In that sense, the shoe perfectly mirrors the store-cum-brand's skating roots and its placement at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, where rugged terrain and adverse weather is the norm.

While we've seen a number of early 2000s-inspired skate shoes release over the last few years, notably the one-off collaboration between A$AP Rocky and Under Armour, we've had yet to see the trend have any impact on functional footwear. The HATHENBRUCK(TM) HYKERS, however, do just that.

Release Date: August 5

Price: $124

Buy: Hathenbruck

Editor’s Notes: Salt Lake City's HATHENBRUCK(TM) continues to be one of the most interesting independent retailers in the industry with its latest product drop, particularly the strategy around the release. Ahead of the shoe being available to buy via Hathenbruck.com on August 5, the store's founder, Caleb Flowers, took to his personal Instagram to offer followers the chance to buy a mystery sneaker early by sending $82 directly to Flowers' Venmo.

Flowers then took screenshots of these orders and shared them through Instagram Stories, furthering the mystery of what was to be released. This method allowed earlybirds the chance to buy the shoes for less, as they are due to release today for $124.

The release follows a number of interesting projects HATHENBRUCK(TM) has unveiled over the last few years including these collaborative Nike Dripmax 1s and these simple Nike Runners.

Catch screenshots of the friends and family release below.

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