This past Friday A$AP Rocky celebrated the release of his first Under Armour sneaker, the SRLo. While at the "skate rave" in Harlem, we had the opportunity to chop it up with the man himself to learn a bit more about the collaboration.

A$AP Rocky's Under Armour SRLo has been criticized as being a ripoff of the Osiris D3, even though Osiris D3 designer and skater Dave Mayhew worked with Rocky on the design. And while the rapper/designer doesn't skate, he grew up immersed in the culture, specifically seeing the D3 being worn around his neighborhood. At the core, A$AP wants to make skate-rave culture more relevant throughout Harlem and have the likes of Migos, among others, rocking his chunky sneaker design.

Friday's initial release of the UA SRLo was limited to 500 pairs, but you can expect the sneaker to land online in the coming weeks. The AWGE event was a celebration of all things skate and rave, as attendees took advantage of a skate park, dance floor, artwork installations, a retail space, and plenty of performances.

After seeing what A$AP Rocky has to say about his hotly-anticipated shoe, as well as peeping what went down at the party, follow here for more on Rocky's recent Under Armour soirée.

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