hervet exhibition maxfield la Cedric Hervet Daft Punk

Daft Punk creative director Cedric Hervet and his eponymous furniture company are currently running an exhibition at Maxfield Los Angeles in the Jean Prouvé building. Hervet, true to its namesake, also counts Cedric's cousin, Nicolas Hervet, as the brand's co-owner and co-designer.

The installation is highlighted by an array of handmade wooden pieces, including desks, lounge chairs, and coffee tables, among other items. Standouts then range from steel and full grain leather Passager armchairs, to Vedette skate decks, and Le Satellite, which houses a Bose sound system.

Hervet's exhibition at Maxfield is open to the public through June 28. For a glimpse at what to expect, click through the gallery above. Also, you can shop select styles through Hervet.

Maxfield LA 8825 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90069

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