For Valentine's, Hulu brought back High Fidelity, the 2000 romantic film which starred John Cusack, as a gender-swapped TV reboot with Zoë Kravitz. While it hasn't been a full day since the show aired, viewers are already obsessed with the love story's millennial remake.

Zoë Kravitz takes the mantle of the protagonist, lovelorn record store owner Rob reliving past romantic failures in a new spin on a familiar story. In an adorable twist, Kravitz is following in her mother’s footsteps, Lisa Bonnet who starred in the 2000 film adaptation. The 10-episode Hulu season takes the best of the 2000 film and Nick Hornby's original novel and gives it a refreshingly modern touch. Check out the quirky trailer below.

With High Fidelity now available for streaming, the show has quickly garnered an avid viewing and fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement. Take a look below at some of the best reactions surrounding the premiere of the series.

Like mother like daughter

Papa Kravitz is also very proud

We are obsessed with Zoë as Rob

High Fidelity served lewks

The best Valentine's gift ?

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