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Ian Strange, who recently worked with Virgil Abloh to include his “Nothing is Finished” instillation in OFF-WHITE’s Australian store, is back with an original project.

Entitled “ISLAND,” the exhibition is anchored by three new large photographs of foreclosed homes through Ohio’s ‘rust-belt’ region that have undergone paint interventions, artifacts from the homes themselves, a rebuilt section of a demolished house, plus visual aspects of Strange’s research and planning process over the past couple years.

“ISLAND” reflects on the home through the metaphor of the desert island; a place of simultaneous refuge and entrapment. Beyond the context of economic foreclosures, the works touch on a wider idea of suburban isolation and angst. The use of text such as ‘SOS’ and ‘HELP’ directly reference historical instances of entrapment and rescue; letters written in the sand of an island, on the roofs of nail houses in China, or on homes following Hurricane Katrina. By presenting these large-scale works alongside research and intimate artifacts found inside the homes is intended to transgress notions of scale and interplay the monumental with the intimate and intangible.

The show’s is up an running, and will run from Saturday, November 18 at 6-9 p.p. at 149 West 14th Street through December 16. It’s open to the public.

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  • Photography: Blake Rodich
Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

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