ic! berlin recently unveiled its stunning new eyewear collection dubbed 'Suprematism'— inspired by the clean lines and geometric shapes of the early 20th Century art movement of the same name. The Berlin-based brand, known for its high end, handcrafted eyewear designs, presents a selection of minimal unisex pieces for all occasions.

Having last collaborated with Japanese label BAPE, the new collection takes on less of a streetwear vibe. In partnership with Berlin-based artist Susann Bosslau and her wearable neoprene art pieces, the drop demonstrates an acute awareness of detail and color.

The rose and grey tinted lenses matched by solid frames maintain a slick, minimalist feel to its aesthetic while still providing bold color and unique shapes. 'Suprematism' is sure to be a winner this season — visit the ic! berlin online store to purchase a pair.

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