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IKEA and UNYQ aim to improve the accessibility for gamers in their ongoing collaboration titled UPPKOPPLA. Specializing in 3D-printed medical wearables, UNYQ crafts three gamer-friendly products that give support and ease of use while playing, including textured key caps, biometric wrist support, and a mouse bungee.

The caps are less slippery than regular keyboard caps and the bungee keeps the mouse cord out of the way for precise movements, while the biometric wrist support improves comfort and prevents wrist injury when gaming. Going forward, UPPKOPPLA will expand to include a range of other home products including more customized gaming accessories as well as desk supports, chairs and tables.

The products will be available in 2020 through a special IKEA/UNYQ app that will scan your hand using your phone’s camera and then customize the wrist support to the shape of your body. Other options for customization include slant, softness, and texture personalization.

Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

New York based writer that pops flavor and drips sauce.