instagram lite
Getty Images / Emmanuel Dunand

Instagram has launched a new pared-down version of the app called Instagram Lite, designed to free up phone space and use less data. The new app is marketed towards users with older, less-advanced phones and those in emerging markets with slower cellphone coverage.

The slimmed down update is just 573KB rather than the full-fat version’s 32MB and is compatible with older devices or those with smaller internal storage. Its small size means users with patchy internet coverage will still have access to their feed.

Instagram Lite users can post photos, videos, and stories, but video sharing and direct messaging aren’t available as yet. While it was designed for use by those in developing nations, users everywhere will have access to the app.

The rollout follows Facebook’s introduction of lite versions of its main and Messenger app. Instagram Lite is available now on Google Play.

In related news, Instagram has also introduced four-way chats.

Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.