A new documentary titled Internet Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer finally unwraps the mystery behind one of the internet’s most iconic gaming stars — the duct-taped gamer. What's more, it's set to star the legend himself.

The story takes us back to 2003, when a couple of guys from Mason, Michigan came up with the amazing idea of duct-taping one of their friends, identified as Drew Purvis, to the ceiling during a LAN party. According to the exclusive Kotaku story published last year, Purvis was suspended for two hours — hours he productively spent playing Counter-Strike and eating pizza.

The documentary features the same people who made the legend happen some 16 years ago, as well as some pretty funny Star Wars sound-clips, added for an intense effect.

The documentary is yet to get an official release date but you can watch the first trailer for Internet Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer below.

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