ja rule planning another music festival Fyre Festival
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Ja Rule is working on developing another music festival, TMZ reports.

As if creating one of the most disastrous events in modern history aka Fyre Festival wasn’t enough for the rapper, he’s planning on returning to the scene with a different music fiesta that will, this time, be as “iconic” as promised.

Speaking to TMZ, Ja Rule revealed that he hasn’t seen Netflix or Hulu’s recent documentaries about Fyre Festival. He did however optimistically state that “in the midst of chaos is opportunity.” Adding, “I have plans to create the iconic music festival.”

The “midst of chaos,” in this case, is assumedly the mammoth press coverage and resulting legal shitstorm that occurred as a result of Fyre Festival. Ja Rule’s co-founder is currently serving prison time for fraud, and influencers that helped to drum up hype face being subpoenaed.

More information to follow.

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