James Blake has just dropped a stripped-down rendition of Frank Ocean's Blonde album track "Godspeed," and we're obsessed.

Taking to Instagram, the artist explained that his 2020 resolution was "to spend more time at [his] instrument than at a laptop," a mantra that he's clearly putting to good use. "Here’s a cover I play of a song I helped write," he explained in the caption. "I think I messed up a lyric near the beginning but hey, none of these are gonna be perfect."

"Helped write" is a little bit of an understatement. Blake is credited with production, arrangement, and keyboard contributions on "Godspeed." Watch his beautiful cover below.

Of course. this isn't the first time Blake has performed the track. In 2017, he performed “Godspeed” during a solo piano set at FORM Arcosanti in Arizona.

Blake recently finished the American part of his solo piano tour. In March he'll set off on the European leg, but don't worry if you can't catch him live. In a tweet posted yesterday, January 13, the British artist said that if people liked the Frank Ocean piece he'll post more covers. Given the positive feedback, we could be seeing more covers from him very soon.

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