After showcasing a humanoid robot doing a perfect backflip to Disney World recently unveiling a freakishly realistic Donald Trump robot, a group of Japanese scientists and engineers from University of Tokyo continue to push artificial intelligence further as they have created a humanoid robot with a correct musculoskeletal system.

Named as "Kengoro," the robot is comprised in the very same mass to match a human being, and it has one more interesting feature, as it has the ability to sweat. Revealing their results in publication platform Science Robotics, the sweating element came as a way to bypass the overheating that robots typically encounter, and it's tested while performing a variety of exercises as seen in the video above.

In addition, scientists believe that these sweating robots can be examined further to better understand human movement, while they'll also be utilized to create sufficient crash test dummies, artificial human limbs and more.

For a further look and additional details on this exercising robot, be sure to read the full story at Science Robotics.

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