Every month or so, it seems that Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates jockey for title of the richest person in the world. Most recently, the Amazon founder has passed Microsoft's co-founder to regain the throne.

The move is result of Amazon stock jumping 13.5% today following the company's impressive earnings report of more than a quarter-billion dollars profit in three months. Courtesy of the spike, Bezos profited $10 billion USD, bringing his overall worth to over $90 billion USD.

Gates himself was also subject to a boost in net worth, as Microsoft stock has risen 7%, ultimately adding nearly $600 million USD to his portfolio. At the end of trading on Thursday, Gates was said to be worth $88 billion USD.

The last time that Bezos topped Gates to become the world's richest man was back in July thanks to a temporary surge in Amazon stock.

In related news, Amazon is now delivering packages directly inside of your home.

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