Jim Carrey’s life as anything besides an actor and comedian has perhaps never been more closely scrutinized since his legendary appearance at fashion week and the premiere of his fantastic Netflix documentary. In case you haven’t been following him on Twitter though, that’s where it’s really been going down.

Carrey has been sharing his paintings, oftentimes political in nature, for a minute now and even held his own exhibition at Signature Galleries in Las Vegas in September 2017. Lately he’s dialed his anti-Trump sentiment up to 11 and shared a string of paintings that lampoon the President in a number of ridiculous yet not wholly unbelievable situations.

Replace the ice cream below with McDonald’s, for instance, and this one’s not far off. Captioning the painting is a cheeky request to the National Portrait Gallery to accept Carrey’s version as the official portrait of the 45th President. No word yet from the NPG.

Here we see NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre enraged by Carrey’s accusation that the organization took Russian money to support the Republican party in the last election.

Carrey holds nothing back as he depicts brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump getting impaled by a raging elephant’s tusks in matching safari clothes. Looks like Carrey is indeed #teamelephant.

With so many sexual affair allegations under his belt it’s hard to say just who this could be but our money’s on Stormy Daniels.

This one actually uses a more uplifting story as source material but of course the comedic mastermind finds a way to bring it back to what he does best, showing the President bathing in cultural sewage.

Lastly, Trump is depicted as the Wicked Witch of the West, while Putin’s Flying Monkeys orbit around his figure. Clearly the Wayne LaPierre piece references back to this one.

Besides Trump, Carrey’s also dabbled in making fun of Mark Zuckerberg and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, while heroes like Stephen Hawking naturally get preferential treatment. There’s that and much more on his feed. Follow him on Twitter here.

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