On the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel delivered a "Quarantine Minilogue" in which he addressed Harvey Weinstein’s apparent coronavirus diagnosis.

"Hey, you know who else has the coronavirus?" he asked in the clip. "Harvey Weinstein. He got the virus in prison, so anyway I thought it might be nice to hear some good news."

The 42-year-old comedian also gave his two cents on Mike Pence and Senator Rand Paul's respective negative and positive test results and discussed the sex and coronavirus guidelines per the NY Department of Health.

Kimmel also touched on Donald Trump's recent address to the Asian-American community and called the President out for managing "to be racist while telling other people not to be racist."

Kimmel is on his second week of self-quarantine but continues to post monologues from his house during the lockdown. Watch his recent monologue, and Trump's speech, below.

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