John Mayer, style god and also famous musician, recently announced a solo US tour.

To advertise the 27-date summer tour, Mayer enlisted the help of his “friend’s dad” who was an ad exec in the ’80s and ’90s, in return for a blue Silver Sky guitar. The result, shared by the musician on Instagram, is an incredible, tongue-in-cheek, ’80s-style ad with “Mayer is a player” plastered across the top. John Mayer is notorious for being somewhat of a ‘playboy’ and it seems he’s taking that reputation in his stride.

The ad goes on to sell the tour, promising a variety of music genres and an all-star line-up of musicians, before ending on the cheeky line, “So come on out and get played.”

If the comments on Instagram are anything to go by, the ad’s a hit; Diplo, Bob Saget, and uh, Pornhub, commented on the genius of it.

Are you going to get played by John Mayer?

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