Last year, we crowned John Mayer as the world's best-dressed rockstar, as the artist is renowned as a streetwear aficionado, with a special interest in Japanese workwear/menswear. He’s good friends with designers Hiroki Nakamura, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Kazuki Kuraishi, and even Supreme's James Jebbia; and he famously owns one of the biggest visvim collections in the world.

Recently, the accomplished singer-songwriter penned an article for GQ, as well as explaining the variety of pieces inside of his closet in an accompanying video, delving deep on topics such his "many uses for a robe," to his style revolution, discussing his former sneakerhead days, his current obsession with Japanese menswear brands and more.

In a portion of the clip, Mayer explains his style, saying, "My style is about the balance between these highly differentiating novel, interesting, far out things, and working it into kind of a daily wear situation."

Adding, "I really am seeing what I can get away with, without making people go like, 'Oh, come on.' I've sort of committed myself, to some extent, to always being in that zone of something that makes people go, 'What?' - but then, the fun part for me is finding the balance. And then when you get away with it, you wanna do something else that makes someone else go, 'Well, now what is that?'"

Enjoy the video above, and to see more of John Mayer's steez, head on over to GQ.

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