Who: Jon Hamm

The outfit he's wearing: A dad shirt and chinos that we don't care about. Nike Killshot sneakers.

Location: Los Feliz, California

Why it works: Often fiction is better than reality, which is certainly the case when you compare Don Draper's off-duty wardrobe with Jon Hamm's. While the Mad Men star might not possess the same casualwear chops as Madison Avenue's most feared (who does, really?)  he at least knows his sneaker onions.

Stepping out for a coffee, Hamm made the wise decision to trade in his dubious thong sandals for a pair of J.Crew x Nike Killshot kicks. The model in question has commanded an evangelical following among menswear nerds over the years, so much so that the Beaverton top brass eventually acquiesced to public demand by making it a general release in 2019. Similar to the Stan Smith in recent times, the "hype" has thankfully tapered off — it's easily available for a slight premium on third party sites — yet it doesn't look any less smart when spotted in the wild. That'll be music to the ears of those who are in the market for a summer workhorse shoe that is simple, timeless, and now Don Draper-approved.

Killshot 2 J Crew

Killshot 2 J Crew



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