It doesn’t take much to accommodate pop superstar Justin Bieber - a convoy of 10 luxury sedans and two buses, rooms at two different five-star hotels, 12 white handkerchiefs… the Biebs is keeping things modest for his debut performance in India next week. Ahead of his May 10 show in Mumbai, Justin Bieber’s alleged tour rider has leaked and it’s pretty insane.

An entourage of 120 people will be joining him, along with 10 shipping containers with items he desperately needs on the road - sofas, a ping pong table, a massage table to be used backstage, to name a few. He'll also dine in style with a personal chef who will name dishes after some of the singer's hit songs.

According to the rider, his 1,000-sq-ft suite should be decorated with carnations in his favorite color, purple, with nothing smaller than king-sized beds. There will be a private jet for him on standby, and he will reportedly fly into the stadium on a chopper. Just another casual day in the life of the Biebs.

Revisit "What Do You Mean" below.

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