Kanye West has donated to charities in his hometown of Chicago and in Los Angeles to help provide meals to the elderly, families and children affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

In Chicago, West donated to We Women Empowered. Owned by Chicago-area icon Josephine "Mother" Wade, We Women Empowered has been delivering three meals a day during the coronavirus pandemic, supporting the elderly on the South Side of Chicago, where West grew up.  The organization has been working every day since the coronavirus outbreak, delivering meals in Chatham, Woodlawn, Washington Park, South Shore, Grand Crossing, Englewood, Hyde Park, Grand Boulevard, Auburn Gresham and Avalon Park.

Wade said the following upon hearing the news of West's donation: “Today when I got that call, that Kanye West wanted to help the elderly in Chicago and he chose his hometown in the South Side, his old neighborhood, I was beyond words. And in one phone call, in an instant today, our world was changed.”

West's donation will help them continue to feed and help those in need and to expand the area and reach of their work.

We Women Empowered works with Josephine’s Southern Cooking (formerly Captain’s Hard Time Dining), another organization run by Wade. As a fully operating food delivery service center, its drivers will provide high-end wellness and food delivery service to seniors throughout the entire crisis.

In Los Angeles, West donated to The Dream Center. The organization is currently open seven days a week for eleven hours a day, providing "drive-thru" meal service for those in Los Angeles affected by the coronavirus outbreak. It is one of the only LA food providers that has the ability to meet the current daily demand, while matching the necessary restrictions and access.

The Dream Center currently feeds 7,000 meals a day and is expected to feed more than 9,000 meals a day in the near future. West's donation is expected to give The Dream Center the opportunity to feed hundreds of thousands of meals to children and the elderly in need.

The Dream Center is a non-profit organization located in Echo Park, dedicated to transforming lives and underserved communities in the city of Los Angeles. By offering residential and outreach programs to individuals, families and communities in the areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, domestic violence, education, and human trafficking, the Dream Center is committed to enabling immediate and long-term transformation. The Dream Center welcomes those in need into its community completely free-of-charge with the resources, training, and support they need, regardless of faith, age, gender, orientation, nationality, or any other defining factor.

Join West in donating to We Women Empowered, Josephine's Southern Cooking and The Dream Center.

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