Brand: Lacoste x IUCN

Season: SS19

Release Date: May 22

Buy: On May 22, Lacoste and IUCN will hold an event in nine Lacoste stores around the world (cities listed alongside the animals below) and online, selling specific species shirts with all profits going towards aiding conservation.

Editor’s Notes: Lacoste has just revealed its second capsule collection in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The drop serves as a series of 10 limited-edition "Save Our Species" polo shirts that highlight 10 threatened animal species.

The relationship between Lacoste and IUCN started last year, with both companies signing up for a three-year deal with the aim of raising awareness of threatened species, and gathering funds to aid conservation efforts.

Each individual species within the highlighted 10 gets its own polo shirt, and the amount of shirts made depend on how many of that specific species are known to remain in the wild. In total, 3,520 shirts were made.

The "Save our Species" shirts will retail at £135 (approximately $170), and the break down is as follows.

The Iberian Lynx — 589 specimens left (Paris) The Yemeni Mouse-Tailed Bat — 150 specimens left (London) The Opal Goodeid — 150 specimens left (LA) The Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat — 115 specimens left (Tokyo) The Mountain Chicken — 132 specimens left (Miami) The Addax — 90 specimens left (Berlin) The Cebu Damselfly — 50 specimens left (Shanghai) The North Atlantic Right Whale — 444 specimens left (New York) The Moheli Scops Owl — 400 specimens left (Seoul) The Hawaiian Monk Seal — 1,400 specimens left (online)

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