As far as iconic duos go, 2020 has a strong start in the form of Leo Luchini and Brava Blings. The Berlin-based artists have come together for the just-released EP Colocada, a sultry, queer, rap reggaeton hybrid that begs to be listened to as loudly as possible, preferably with a tropical cocktail in hand.

The sonics alone conjure up their fever-dream of a vibe, but we're thrilled to host the premiere to their video for "Ride/Die," a collaboration with Moesha 13 and Layla May that provides a glorious visual realization of their no-holds barred utopia. The outfits are, also, to die for. Check it out below.

Speaking to Highsnobiety via email, Luchini recalls meeting Blings at a party where the two had "undeniable" creative chemistry. "It really came out of nowhere," he says regarding their EP, "I was already very connected to Latin music and Latin producers, but was humble about testing this style of music myself, having mainly produced hip-hop and RnB thus far. I never thought I'd be working on a rap/reggaeton project with someone from Latin America in a million years, it's just one of those beautiful rare sparks in the universe that come to being, which is how I see this EP."

"I don't know how we end up having an EP," adds Blings. "After a lot of energy drinks, blunts, and Thai food I think..." And while some may be quick to interpret the project as inherently political, Blings is less certain of such a reading. "If someone takes what I say or write as statements or political positions is up to them," she says. "I'm just sharing my experiences."

Have a listen to the full Colocada EP below.

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