Some may still associate it with surfwear before streetwear but that doesn’t mean that the streetwear hype isn’t just as big in Australia as it is elsewhere. LESSONS have tasked themselves with bringing an international standard of exclusive high end streetwear, and the culture that goes along with it, to their side of the world.

In order to do that not only are they pushing boundaries with their editorial and social media content, they’ve also opened a stunning new concept store in Perth CBD (that’s Western Australia for those unfamiliar). The focal point of the new location is a steel black cage that houses their most exclusive releases, surrounding this is a space designed to be modern, raw and minimal.

The design concept, inspired by the three owners time in New York, Paris and London, allows pieces by the likes of Hood By Air, KTZ, MISBHV, Knomadik, DRKSHDW and Nid De Guepes to be showcased in all their glory. It’s also a dream for those minimalist Instagrammers with the near all white feeds.

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