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Lil Nas X continues to ride the wave of success from “Old Town Road.” Since the single’s original release in December 2018, the record-breaking hit has gone on to become the longest running No. 1 song on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart after spending 17 weeks on top.

Many artists have hopped on the bandwagon and offered their own special remixes of the track, and we’re certain that there will be more to follow in the not-so-distant future. (Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, and Peppa Pig seem pretty keen on getting in on the mix…) While we can’t predict when the “Old Town Road” era will officially end, we might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts and remain distracted from the tarnation that surrounds us. Scroll down to view our official ranking of all the remixes that have dropped so far this year.

6. Diplo

It’s rare to find love in the club these days, but never a bad idea to saddle up just in case the odds are in your favor and the yee to your haw squares up. Mixing EDM with country is honestly as bold as it gets and I’m shocked that more folks aren’t hollering about this union. I suppose all roads evidently lead to the horses in the back.

5. Lil Wayne

May the power of auto-tune compel and shake you to the core. Weezy drove “Old Town Road” all the way down to Louisiana and there’s no turning back – this is where we live now. Hopefully a mastered version of the leaked remix makes its way on to streaming platforms soon… We the people deserve the highest of quality!

4. Young Thug & Mason Ramsey

Could this be the most unlikely pairing for a collaboration in 2019? We all knew that a Young Thug remix of “Old Town Road” was definitely on the table, but tapping viral Walmart yodeler Mason Ramsey really sealed the deal. Somehow, this power combo makes it even MORE country than the presence of Billy Ray Cyrus.

3. BTS

Technically only BTS member RM is involved here, but that doesn’t diminish the credibility of this flavorful remix. I’m suddenly ready for a k-country takeover whether or not America can handle it right now. “Old Town Road” is an international sensation, don’t fight it.

2. CupcakKe

They don’t call it a “hoedown throwdown” for nothing… There’s been too much yee and not enough haw round here, praise CupcakKe for continuing to be a champion for sexual freedom. In the wake of this sociopolitical climate, we need songs like this to tune out all the nonsense. While we’re here, I would like to challenge more women to participate in these remixes!

1. Billy Ray Cyrus

All hail the remix that ignited the fire that has burned everything we once knew into a crisp memory of yesteryear. All remixes of “Old Town Road” are more than welcome, but nothing can touch the original. It still slaps, no contest.

If you’re currently in need of a break from all the horses in the back, stream Lil Nas X’s ‘7’ EP. While you’re here, revisit our review of the full project.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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