Complex details the history of New York's legendary Ralph Lauren-obsessed Lo-Life gangs, notorious for causing mayhem on the Big Apple's streets while decked out head-to-toe in classic Polo pieces. The brand with the pony has achieved iconic status in the streetwear community largely thanks to its timeless style and rags-to-riches aspiration; which the Lo-Life crew of inner-city youths were no doubt drawn to.

Formed during the ’80s, the Lo-Lifes consist of two Brooklyn crews...Each crew had a fix for getting fly at your expense. They stole and robbed to either rock or sell whatever apparel they acquired. Lo-Life co-founder Rack-Lo received his moniker for his uncanny shoplifting ability....“We used to be graffiti writers, so we would rack cans. One day we were in Jersey and figured if we could rack cans we can rack clothes,” Rudy-Lo recalls from his days as a booster. He continued, “The first clothes we took were Benetton. Then we did Guess, Tommy [Hilfiger], and Polo stores. Polo got the most attention, though, so we would get that the most. We took ladies’ clothes, too. We would go to nail and hair salons to sell them. Sometimes we would even sell clothes on the train going home.”

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