Focusing on photography, branding, motion, graphic design and visual arts -- artist, Christian Stangl unveils his latest work "LUNAR," a short film summarizing the belief in peaceful expansion of our borders.

Highlighting the year 1957, where the Cold War between the USA and Soviet Union expanded to space -- The Soviet Union sends Sputnik as the first manmade object into earth's orbit, followed by Yuri Gagarin entering space as the first man in space.

Just when this so-called "Space Race" seemed to be decided, in 1961 President Kennedy promised to send American astronauts to the moon, which eventually led to the Apollo Project that landed on the moon and brought the crew safely back to earth.

With audio provided by his brother and composer, Wolfgang -- the film utilizes thousands of original NASA photographies, taken from the astronauts during the Apollo Missions, which were released in September 2015.

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