[UPDATE 3/12/2019 10:00am ET:] Genius recently spoke to Keyva Clark, a Communication Analyst for the Mayor of Pittsburgh’s office, who confirmed that "a commission has not taken up the issue and there is no formal name change in the works" at this current time.

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Since Mac Miller passed away in September 2018, fans around the world have honored him in a variety of ways. Thousands of his fans gathered for a vigil, there was a benefit concert, and back in February a mural surfaced in Brooklyn. Now, it appears the city has officially changed the name of Blue Slide Park, a playground in Miller’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park.” Twitter stan account @MacMillerMemoir previously noticed the change on Apple's Maps app and shared a screenshot on the social media platform.

Frick Park's north side playground and its blue slide became synonymous with the late rapper with the release of his 2011 album Blue Slide Park, which paid tribute to the Pittsburgh landmark. Ever since, the space has been referred to by many as "Blue Slide Park," and was the location of a Mac Miller vigil in November 2018.

Although there's been no official announcement by the City of Pittsburgh about the name change, "Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park" appears on the Maps app and Bing, while on Google Maps it's called "Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Playground."

To learn more, check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's history of Blue Slide Park.

Revisit opening track "English Lane" from Blue Slide Park below.

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