Cornerstone sportswear brand Champion has joined forces with Magic Johnson to celebrate a century of teamwork.

Since 1919, Champion has always been about the team. To celebrate 100 years for the team, the brand is reaching out to teams large and small around the world to find out what teamwork means to them. It will highlight and celebrate unique team stories throughout the year, as well as celebrating the centenary with exclusive product collections, events, and influencer partnerships.

The campaign launched with a special film starring basketball legend Magic Johnson, who was famously part of the "Dream Team" back in the '90s. He explains, "As part of the Dream Team, I experienced first-hand the power of people coming together to achieve great things."

Group president Jon Ram said, "Now is the time to look ahead and celebrate how teams today have the power to change the world for the better."

To participate in Champion's "100 Years for the Team" celebration, teams can share their story on the Champion100 website or on social media with the hashtag #Champion100.

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