Echoing the ideals of the 1950s pop art movement, designer Marco Laganà creates an irony-laden collection that draws on personal irreverence and 90s aesthetic trends to inspire, surprise and amaze.

Laganà says he wanted to appropriate the pop art convention of utilizing culture to challenge traditional conventions and refocus the idea. Instead of deifying popular and trendy designs, Laganà presents handcrafted products which reflect an old-world dedication to craft. Though the premise of the collection seems to stand in opposition of its title, the designer views it all as a bit of a Ying and Yang situation. He sees handcraft and art as one and the same; as such, they are bound to the language of popular culture.

This comes through in the juxtaposition between handcrafted details and raw, natural materials with man-made fibers and luxurious finishes. Laganà also weaves consumeristic inspiration into the collection, using milk boxes as packaging and presenting the shoes as marketplace items alongside poultry, ground meat and fish.

These shoes will deliver next Fall/Winter 2015 -- in the meantime, you can follow Marco Laganà here.

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