Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat once teamed up for a children's book titled Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, released back in 1993. The publication features a poem by Angelou paired with illustrations by Basquiat, and in celebration of its 25th anniversary, the book has been re-released by Abrams Books.

As DAZED points out, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me "summons demons forward before yelling at them 'life doesn't frighten me at all'."

Angelou in turn insisted that she penned the work “for all children who whistle in the dark and who refuse to admit that they’re frightened out of their wits.”

Listen to Angelou read the work below, as you can then pick up a copy today.

In other design news, you can now write like Virgil Abloh with these newly-released OFF-WHITE markers.

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