Mercedes-Benz is set to say goodbye to the G-Class, but beforehand, the manufacturer wants to take a walk down memory lane. Here, we in turn get a look at the most memorable G-Class moments ever.

Starting with the first model’s introduction back in 1979, development of the G-Class actually began years prior in 1972. While a number of proposals were submitted, Mercedes ultimately decided to build an SUV that focused on “reliability, robustness, and virtually limitless off-road ability.”

In terms of body style, the G-Class was based on a ladder-type frame. A wooden scale model was thus presented in 1973, as stereotypes were then tested the following year.

Again, the G-Class went into production in 1979, initially being available as a convertible with a short wheelbase or a station wagon with a short or long wheelbase. There was a military variation as well.

To see how the G-Class has developed and impacted the automotive landscape over the years, press play above.

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