Michael Jordan's talents extend beyond that of the hardwood. The sports icon is evidently a seasoned fisherman, as he reeled in a massive 440-pound marlin during a fishing tournament in North Carolina this week.

According to TMZ, Jordan's blue marlin weighed in at 442.3 pounds, putting his team in fifth place in Morehead City's Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. The current leader is responsible for catching a 494.2-pounder, although MJ and his team have a few more days to outdo the competition as the tournament runs through June 13. The top prize is $3.4 million, albeit chump change to a guy like Mike.

With the help of his crew, Jordan reeled the mammoth fish into his boat which is aptly dubbed "Catch 23." After being greeted with cheers as he pulled back up to the dock, MJ engaged in an interview where he said he hopes to get back out there and land an even bigger catch.

Basketball, baseball, golf, fishing — what can't MJ do?

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