Ever dreamt of going to space? Or perhaps you've wanted to wear an astronaut suit? Well, now you can get close with Michael Kagan's first helmet sculpture series dubbed A7L HELMET.

Kagan has built up a following from his depictions of astronauts, both through painting and digital formats, as well as life-sized sculptures and other physical works. His clients include high-profile collectors such as former Nike CEO Mark Parker, and the artist has also collaborated with fashion brands including Billionaire Boys Club.

The Brooklyn-based artist's A7L HELMET series features 25 limited-edition pieces, all signed and numbered by Kagan. The piece is crafted from bronze, and measures H267 x W275 x D260 mm – basically the measurements of a real astronaut helmet.

Most of Kagan's work has previously been able to be purchased via auctions, as well as prints and other pieces through the artist's own website, but the A7L HELMET series is different. You can only get your hands on one by entering an exclusive raffle.

Partnering with DDT Store, Michael Kagan has created a draw that can be entered until September 13, 12 a.m. EDT. The sculpture itself retails at $10,000, and in order to enter, a credit card pre-authorization of the full amount is held.

$10,000 might not take you to space, but it will get you close with the A7L HELMET displayed in your house. For space-obsessed billionaires including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson, the sculpture is nothing but perfection.


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