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mona on the radio

Here at Highsnobiety, if we choose to premiere a song or a video, rest assured we think it’s insanely good. It’s rarer, however, that music we feature on the site gets stuck in my head for days on end. mona on the radio‘s “Bright Blue Bathrobe” is one of those songs.

Upon first listen, I was completely hooked. The production courtesy of Oren Ratowsky is bouncy and fresh – a union of dance floor anthem, PC Music weirdness, and cute video game soundtrack for a sweet dopamine rush. As for the lyrics, LA’s mona on the radio put his tale of bittersweet heartbreak so succinctly himself:

“i spent way too long being super sad over this 1 girl…. instead of dwelling over all these “what if’s,” i just realized that it’s ok… for so many reasons, some things don’t last forever. We can, however choose to remember the positive moments, like the late night make outs in fourteen minute uber rides home, or the really expensive sushi dinners that neither of us could afford nor really taste because we got too drunk at the park before etc…”

Check out the wonderfully weird video below, and prepare to be overtaken by the earworm that is “Bright Blue Bathrobe.”

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