Naomi Campbell walks the runway during the Kenneth Ize show
Getty Images / Thierry Chesnot

Naomi Campbell has shared a new video on her YouTube channel detailing every precaution she is taking to protect herself from coronavirus. The clip arrives as she was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport just days ago wearing a full hazmat suit for her flight to New York.

“In all honesty, this is not a funny time. It’s not a humorous time. I’m not doing this for laughs. This is how I feel comfortable traveling,” she stated in the video.

Campbell has been wearing gloves and a mask while traveling for years. She told People that she took up the precautionary measures after an airport employee informed her of how unsanitary airport security trays can be.

“These are things we touch all the time,” she said. “Can you imagine the people risking their lives every day touching thousands of passports? We have to feel for people like doctors, postmen, delivery people, people who work in the airports and public transport — we need to feel for these people because this is their job and they’re putting themselves at a high-risk [to do it].”

The six-minute YouTube video, which delves into the coronavirus pandemic, shows Campbell getting ready for her recent flight from Los Angeles to New York. She can be seen taking various supplements before putting on her hazmat suit, mask, and gloves to venture through LAX.

“In all seriousness, I think we must take every precaution that makes us protected and comfortable,” Campbell concludes. “I’m definitely going to be keeping traveling to a minimum.”

Press play below to watch Naomi Campbell’s coronavirus PSA.

Not NYC, not LA.