The NBA draft and offseason were predictably dramatic and with the 2018 season now officially underway, the first few games have already provided us with plenty of NBA memes and reactions. LeBron James is now a Laker, the Golden State Warriors keep getting better, and the Knicks, well, they’re the Knicks we all either love to hate, or hate to love.

So, without further ado, we’ve rounded up some of social media’s funniest posts. Remember to keep checking back in as we’ll keep our list of NBA memes updated throughout the season. Whenever a big move is made, you’ll find the best reactions here.

Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul brought back ’90s basketball

And Brandon Ingram came in SWINGING

You never know how you’ll react when your childhood idol punches your teammate

Lance Stephenson is helping the Lakers live up to their “Meme Team” moniker

A NY Knicks fan scored a bucket before his team did...really

And then went on a tear to score 49 second quarter points

Boban Marjanovic caused a game delay after bending the rim...without jumping

LeBron scored his first points for the LA Lakers

Markelle Fultz has his shot back

Tony Parker’s shocked face is the perfect template

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