Japanese brand Nendo has reexamined the zipper, thus presenting five new designs for respected manufacturer, YKK.

First, Nendo had to ask the question, “What exactly is a zipper?” From there, they concluded that a zipper consists of "fastening elements aligned together on a straight line are interlocked together or separated depending on the movement of the slider."

At its core, the basic goal or concept of a zipper is to of course open and close the area between two given materials. Now thanks to Nendo, that can be done in a variety of ways, not solely with a single, linear design.

Via the aesthetic above, you will get a look at Nendo's zipper that crosses, zipper with gaps, zipper to fasten three elements, zipper to seamlessly fasten around, and zipper with a rotating motion. Because the project consists of five designs, the company is calling it "Zippppper."

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