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Ness Nite / Brian Vu

It’s Thursday, and we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to surrender to the weekend. While we can’t abandon our desks for two days in a row just yet (there’s always more music to write about!), Ness Nite is going to get us all through the next 24 hours or so until it’s officially time to end the week.

The 22-year-old New York-based singer-songwriter-producer coined the genre “braless music” to express the unrestricted nature of her artistry, and she really could not have chosen a more accurate term for her sound and overall vibe. Her latest video for “Watercolor Roses,” a choice cut off her debut album Dream Girl is basically the audiovisual equivalent of taking off your stinky clothes and taking a bath after a long day at work, school, or lazing around in bed panicking about the future.

Ness Nite tells us over email that the video was created to accentuate “the…audacity it feels like we need to have just for femme and queer joy to take up space in a traditionally unaccepting environment.” She continues “So, there’s a lot more than this but, ‘Watercolor Roses’ covers dealing with the fragile masculinity & misogyny that tends to be aimed at black womxn, womxn of color, & queer folks. The song is really about just not having the time for the toxicity of fragile masculinity and misogyny when there’s money to be made, generational trails to be blazed, and self-love to be had.”

Bliss out to Ness Nite’s “Watercolor Roses” below.

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